Kavrama Tipi Direksiyon Kuvvet Ölçer/ Grip-design Steering Operation Force Transducer (LSG-A)

Measures the steering operation force by mounting sensors on a steering wheel.

●Lightweight design reduces effect of  transducer on moment of inertia. 

●Shorten preparation time of measurement 

●Does not obstruct activation of airbag.

*For wireless operation, contact us.


Steering Operation Force

Rated Capacity
±30 N, ±200 N
Rated Output
1.4 mV/V or more
Within ±1% RO
Within ±1% RO
Safe Overloads
Input Resistance
240 Ω ±3%
Output Resistance
240 Ω ±3%


Safe Excitation
10 V AC or DC
Recommended Excitation
1 to 5 V AC or DC
Safe Temperature
0 to 60°C
Compensated Temperature
0 to 50°C
Temperature Effect on Zero
Within ±0.1% RO/°C
Temperature Effect on Output
Within ±0.1%/°C
4-conductor (0.05 mm2) vinyl shielded cable,
2.5 mm diameter by 40 cm long, terminated with a connector plug R05-PB5M
Approx. 160 g (±30 N)
Approx. 240 g (±30 N)
Standard Accessories
Extension cable: 4-conductor (0.08 mm2) heat-resistant vinyl shielded cable, 3.2 mm diameter by 5 m long, terminated with connector plugs at both ends (Measuring instrument side: PRC03-12A10-7M)